WHEN what you think of me IS my business . . .

your businessThe thought . . . what you think of me is none of my business . . . is a pretty popular thought and well-founded on many levels.  Don Miguel Ruiz, author or the bestselling book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom teaches that we should take nothing personal. A book by the title of What You Think of Me is None of My Business was written in 1979 by Terry Cole-Whittaker, a New Thought writer and Religious Science minister, and led the way for people to give up the addiction to being a people-pleaser. In one of my earliest blogs was entitled Celebrate Your Critics, I passionately espoused the virtues of this sentiment.

As with most truisms, there is a counterpoint. There are definitely times when what others think of us IS our business, especially when it is about our business.  Word of mouth, or viva voce, can make or break an organization. Viva voce is a Latin phrase literally meaning ‘the living voice’. With today’s electronic media platforms such as Yelp, Facebook and Google+ reviews, what people think of a business is widely known to others, quickly and often without resource.  Once a ‘bad review’ is registered it is nearly impossible to reverse a business rating.

As a business owner I have always strived to provide the highest quality service to those we serve, and have made it a priority to hire and promote those who are best at serving clients and students. At as many points as possible customer satisfaction surveys are taken, tallied and passed to me for my personal review.  The class surveys and client feedback forms are how changes have been determined, strategized and implemented within my business.

One of the variables most difficult to control, however, is the  human error involving miscommunication. While our overriding policy has always been based on one of Stephen Covey’s classic principles Seek first to understand as in all organizations, miscommunication does occasionally occur.  When it does, I take it very seriously and try my best to intervene, offering whatever possible solutions are available to rectify the situation.  What really breaks my heart is when someone blows up social media about something they feel was not done incorrectly, yet once the situation is corrected, makes no efforts to retract the negative reviews cast far and wide electronically.

As a true believer that owning a business is the fast-track to spiritual growth, I must continually ask myself what the lesson of judgment, seemingly fair or not, is about on a greater level.


The closest thing I can come to is referring back to The Four Agreements:  No matter what, we must always strive to do our best. If I were to edify don Miguel Ruiz’s teachings into two compounded ‘standards-of-conduct’ statements for the purpose of customer service training, they would be something like:

  • Be-Impeccable-to-your-word-and-the-Way-you-serve-others!
  • Don’t-Take-Anything-Personally-yet-DO-everything-you-can-personally-DO-to-BEST-serve-others!

I may be overthinking this, forgive me! My point is, to have a successful, service-oriented business we must care about what those we serve think!

Another huge area where what people think of you is vitally important is when you step into the position of leadership as a supervisor or manager. Long gone are the days when one in a position of authority could say: Do as I say, not as I do. No siree!  The only leadership axiom that works is: Follow my lead; Do what I do.

in charge


Coming from a generation of entrepreneurs, the Lutheran protestantic work ethic was law in our household. Though grace was mentioned on Sundays, the emphasis was on hard work, frugality, and maybe even a little martyrdom.  My dad always said:  “It doesn’t matter what people think of you at the bar at night. What matters is that you are setting the bar during the day!”  To this day, if I get real honest with myself, a deep-down-desire is to be described as one of the hardest workers in the company.  This is not to be martyristic, rather to live the leadership values I want to embody.  I do want to do and be my best! For many years I had a little plaque under my desk that read:  Lead . . . or get out of the way! 

set the bar

Most importantly, when someone is awarded the title of ‘Teacher’ what people think of them is important on every level: Socially, morally, ethically, as well as spiritually.  Buddha, Christ, and Lao Tzu were referred to as Teachers. None of them ever claimed, demanded or even sought a title of any kind; their goals were not to be famous, admired, yet alone rich.  What set them apart is the way they lived their lives impeccably. Did they take anything personally? Probably not, yet they personally impacted the history of mankind.  It was their embodiment of the agreements don Miguel Ruiz, the Toltec teacher of wisdom, was able to document and describes as ‘doing one’s best.’

In my search for a practical way to integrate my desire to embody the Tao, or ‘way’ of the Master teachers, I submit these as my aspirants:

kc teachingsBottom-line: What you think of me IS my business when I choose to be in the world as a business owner, a leader and as a teacher. I must be committed to striving to be and do my best, as impeccably as possible as an expression of my Divine-self.  The life lesson is to do all this unattached to what you think of me as my ‘human-little-self’.   There is allot yet to learn in the business of life!

KC Miller is the founder and owner of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a business committed to touching lives, teaching others to heal their own life, so they may serve others. She could claim any titles, yet most prefers to serve as ‘Instrument of Spirit’. She is honored when someone chooses to call her teacher.


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Would Yoga have Saved Robin Williams Life?

Robin Williams Spark

Without an iota of humor, satire, or sarcasms, I seriously ponder the thought: Would yoga have saved Robin Williams life?  What would have happened if the great comedic mind had discovered the teachings of a sage named Patanjali who invited all of us to “Still the fluctuations of the mind?”

One of Robin Williams’ infamous quotes was:  “You are only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it!”  Yoga would suggest that we not lose it, rather learn to harness and manage it.  This madness is known as the ‘monkey mind’.  It can entertain us, or drive us mad. When I heard Robin Williams’ passing was connected with depression, I immediately thought of the ‘monkey-mind’ we all have in common.

Four Truths

If Robin Williams had studied the yogic principles he would have discovered the Four Noble Truths. The first ‘Truth’ is often as translated as ‘Life is suffering’, meaning that to chase after the delights of the world, expecting them to bring lasting pleasure, always leads to disappointment. Even when you do find something pleasant or pleasurable how soon do we grow tired of it? None of these ‘things’ offer any real satisfaction or peace.  We have to wonder what Robin Williams was suffering from in his mind.  What was he chasing?

The second noble ‘Truth’ is not being able to be content with what we have or who we are.  Have you explored the powerful question:  What makes you think you will be happy with more if you aren’t happy with what you have?

This ‘Truth’ teaches of a craving or thirst known as tanha, where we are continually searching for something outside ourselves to make us happy.  Is it possible Robin Williams’ extreme highs, disguised as over-the-top-over-of-the-box humor, were balanced with equally extreme lows due to his thirst for something outside of himself?  Yoga is all about going within to find our peace and stillness.


This last week I have been reading a best-selling book entitled The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  She was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner when she realized that what she really wanted to do was have more time to study yoga and write.  Her book thesis, having sold over a million copies, is that we have to determine what makes us feel good and what makes us feel bad.  We all know that Robin Williams made us feel good with his humor and antics; what we don’t know is what made him feel so bad he would take his own life.  The key is to learn from his demise and seek to determine the cause of our own suffering.

The third noble ‘Truth’ and third Happiness Project premise is similar:  Determine where the suffering or ‘not right’ feeling is coming from and seek to put an end to it.  The Vedic masters taught when we release our need to ‘feel’ a certain way all our suffering and dissatisfaction will come to an end. The goal is to become the ‘observer’; to be aware of what the sensation we are experiencing is by just noticing, and letting it float pass, rather than getting caught up in the drama of the emotion or experience.  Imagine if Robin Williams had trained his mind to observe his depression, or sad feeling, the same way he was able to observe life and makes light of it.  Would his suffering have been lessened?

The philosophical teachings of the Fourth Noble ‘Truths’ are sometimes compared to a physician diagnosing an illness and prescribing a treatment: The first ‘Truth’ has us confront the fact there is an illness;  the second ‘Truth’ seeks to determine what the cause of the illness is and the third ‘Truth’ holds out hope for a cure. Often the so-called illness is a dis-ease in the mind from wanting something different than what we have.


In yoga, part of the prescriptive treatment for happiness is the physical practice of yoga known as the asanas or poses that help harmonize and strengthen the vitality of the body and mind.   In the traditional Sun Salutation sequence there is a very important pose known as Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward-Facing Dog that has been documented to calm the brain and help relieve stress and mild depression.  As a yoga teacher myself, I like to describe this pose as a time we get out of our ‘mental head space’ and have the opportunity to release the thoughts stuck in our mind by taking our head to the ground, dumping all that does not serve us.

If Robin Williams had shown up in a yoga class the verbal instructions he may have heard would have been something like this:  Stand for a moment in Mountain Pose, quieting your mind with the realization there is no mountain too tall to climb if taken one step at a time.  Take a deep cleansing breath, releasing any thoughts of the past . . . or the future . . .Be here now!  Raise your hands in gratitude, bow forward to ground yourself . . .


In a German study, 24 people who described themselves as ‘emotionally distressed’ took two 90-minute yoga classes a week for three months. Though not formally diagnosed with depression, all participants described themselves as being ‘out of balance’ or just not themselves in the previous 90 days. At the end of three months, the control group doing yoga reported marked improvements in perceived stress, depression, anxiety, energy, fatigue, and well-being; their depression scores improved by 50%, anxiety scores by 30%, and overall well-being scores by 65%. Oh, don’t you just wish Robin Williams would have been part of this experiment?


There are several ways to describe the meaning of the Fourth noble ‘Truth’, one of which could be taken from one of Robin Williams’ most famous films, Dead Poets Society.   Remember Robin being cast as the maverick teacher, John Keating, where his character inspired his students with the words ‘Carpe Diem – Seize the day’.

The most important ‘Truth’ may well be ‘Seize the day’.  Throughout the movie John Keating/Robin Williams could have been described as a pseudo yoga teacher, espousing what master yoga teachers teach: To end of all suffering, we must avoid harming all other living beings, we must sharpen and focus our mind, and as we seek inner wisdom and calmness, each of us can reach perfect happiness.


Swami Vivekananda translated Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra as “Yoga is the restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff.”  Somehow I think Robin Williams would have related to the description of “mind-stuff.”  As a yoga student Robin would have had a chance to understand that once the mind is properly restrained, then the ‘seer’ or the ‘true soul self’ can rest in its own true nature, neither too manic nor too sad.

better way

Seriously, yoga may have saved Robin Williams life. Please understand  I am not taking mental illness or depression lightly at all.  Many of my prayers are sent to the Divine for the ‘Peace and healing of others . . . both for body and mind disturbances.’  My message is: If YOU know anyone who is suffering, invite them to meet you on the mat . . . a yoga mat!    Blessings ~

KC Miller is the Founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, featuring a Yoga Teacher Training program taught at Spirit of Yoga, an educational facility and public yoga studio. Each week there are several complimentary yoga classes, known as Student Yoga Practicums, available to anyone wishing to explore yoga as a tool for balancing mind and body.  To a complete list of yoga class times go to www.MySpiritofYoga.com



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The Phenomenon of Touch ~ An-almost ‘Ouija-Board-Like’ Effect

ouija touch

While some people get totally sideways with the term ‘Ouija Board’, please allow me to explain why this term describes my experience with massage therapy at its best.

Historically, ‘Ouija’ (WEE-jə) Board was known as a ‘spirit board’ or ‘talking board’ where a small heart-shaped piece of wood, called a planchette, was used to understand the messages spirit was spelling out on a communication board.  As a massage therapist, the ‘talking spirit board’ has been the person I am working on, especially when making contact with their back and the bottoms of their feet. My hands are the planchette, guiding me to where Spirit directs.

From the beginning of my career as a massage therapist I have started every session with the same prayer:  “Oh Great Spirit, let me be an instrument of peace and healing to others.”  instrument of peace and healing

My prayer has always come true.  There have been countless times when my hands would move with the energetic guidance of a planchette, gently communicating to me where to go.  Many times my client would observe aloud: “How do you know exactly where to go?”  The truest answer is “Divine Guidance!”

The last 26 years being a massage therapist has proven to be one of the most amazing ways for me to discover my spiritual gifts of intuition, empathy, healing, discernments and leadership.  It’s actually hard for me to imagine what it would be like to not have the experience using the human body as a way for understanding Spirit’s guidance.  (For more of the story of how I got started in massage refer to one of my earlier posts ~ : )

spiritual experience

One of the most memorable sessions of my career was when I had just learned a new bodywork technique known as Polarity Cranial-Sacral Therapy. The goal of a session is to hold the occipital ridge of a client’s head in a very ‘still’ way, enabling the client to release tension from their neck, back and body, as well as many emotional trauma that might be stored anywhere in their mind or body.  A new client came to me complaining of headaches, so I decided to hold her skull very gently and settle into what is known as ‘still point’ ~ I felt the subtle vibrations of the cranial fluids flowing from her cranium as it flowed up and down her spine.  still point

In the quietness of the session I began to get flashes of a traumatic experience from her past that she had unconsciously stored in her body. Sitting in absolute stillness . . . tears began to flow down my face.  Without understanding how or why the information was being revealed to me, through me, the ‘talking spirit board’ laying on my table was crying out for help and understanding, even though all the tears were flowing from my eyes, not hers.

At the end of the session no explanation or apology was offered . . . or needed.  The only words the precious young girl uttered when she came out of the massage room were: “Wow, that is the best cry I have ever had.  I feel like I have released a life time of pain.”

Though I didn’t fully understand the empathic experience I had just had, I knew my prayer had once again been answered and that I had served as an instrument of peace and healing for another.  (As a side note:  I acknowledge that this particular session was widely unusual ~  one I consider a true gift in my spiritual development.)

As a professional massage therapist I have learned so many lessons.  Three are them include:

  1. Each time you give ~ you get.

Without fail, each time I have given a massage therapy session I feel as if I have gotten as much as I have given.  I remember a time when I was exhausted and didn’t think I could do a massage I had scheduled one evening.  Intending to cancel on a client, I call to reschedule with her.  She recognized my voice and before I could explain why I was calling she said:  “Oh I am so happy you called to confirm our massage appointment. If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew I was getting a massage from you tonight I’m not sure I could make it another day  . . . my life has been so chaotic.   Anticipating your healing touch and positive attitude has been the only thing that has helped me make it through the last few weeks!” 

Needless to say I didn’t reschedule the appointment.  I looked up to the heavens and prayed, “Give me strength.  Guide me through this.”  While I don’t actually remember the client’s name, I do remember the flow of  Divine energy that pulsed through me ~ It felt as if I was not actually doing the massage, rather being filled with healing energy myself.  I left the session completely humbled and revived as if I had slept for hours.

Give me strenght 2

To this day I believe that if you are given the assignment, you will be given the resources, including the energy, to carry out the mission.

  1. There is no one way! One of the most rewarding things about a massage career is the variety. Cookie-cutter massage routines have never been the way, for me, to relate to my clients.  Just as every body is unique,  every therapy session seemed to have its own mystery.

A few years into my career someone asked me how I could possibly enjoy being locked in a little room for hours each day just rubbing bodies.  It took me a minute to respond because I didn’t recognize his description of my day.  After a deep breath of awareness I replied:  “I experience my days as being in constant communication with Spirit.  I love tapping into my higher intelligence and allowing the human tissue to talk to me about the stories buried alive!  It’s like being a ‘spiritual detective’!”  Needless to say my answer resulted is more questions from the questioner, and the realization that how we choose to see our days is truly a choice.

  1. You never truly retire from being a massage therapist ~ You just touch from a higher level.  While I am not currently in active practice as a massage therapist, my hands continue to have planchette-like qualities, guiding me to where my touch is needed, whether on my husband or grandchildren’s bodies, or allowing myself to be drawn to pray for someone who touches my heart-field.direct meI could go on and on as to the benefits of a career as a touch therapist. The word ‘Ouija’ is actually an ancient Egyptian word meaning ‘Good Fortune’.  It has truly been my good fortune to have served as an instrument of Spirit through touch.

Good Fortune 2

If someone is searching for a significant way to touch others, I invite them to consider the French and German etymology of the word ‘Ouija’, which means ‘Yes!’

***If you or someone you know is searching for something to say YES to,  please take this opportunity to request a scholarship in an upcoming Swedish massage class.  Just email me at kc@swiha.edu and let me know if you/they are ready explore the phenomenon of touch therapy.

KC Miller is the Founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, an award-winning private college for Holistic Wellness careers, including Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Holistic Nutrition.  The college is known for its many choices ~ Rarely do two students graduate with identical transcripts because students, especially those in the massage programs, are encourage to follow their intuition and choose technique courses to which they are intuitively drawn.

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Nailed . . . by my Attachments


Does it matter one little iota what shape my fingernails are?  WHY, then, did I have such a strong visceral-not-even-remotely-logical reaction to a nail technician telling me that I should have square nails rather than the oval-roundish-shaped nails I have worn for years?

Wow, there was definitely something to ‘coach around’ based on the level of attachment I had to the thought I needed to have my nails shaped a certain way. Luckily a whole series of ‘Soul Coaching’ questions popped into my mind in spite of my snit:

  • What ‘thought’ am I attached to that is causing me (this much) pain?
  • What deep seated core-value or belief is being tested?
  • ‘This’ that is happening is not real: What is ‘this’ really?

After some dramatic deep breathing and allot of fidgeting around the nail technician finally realized something wasn’t quite right.  His check-in question was:  “You like?”

With a pasted-on smile, I tried to explain to him, again, that “No,” I didn’t like his prescribed square nail shape . . . however his English (and his hearing)  got a little worst at that point. Interesting enough, at that exact moment he recused himself to go serve another customer who had just walked into the salon, leaving me to marinate in my mental-tirade.

As a life-long metaphysical and committed ‘soulolist’ it is imperative I seek to understand whether it is possible that my fingernails are yet another window to my soul.  This is what I discovered in my search:nail messagesSquare Nails

Square nails are very popular these days and actually draws attention to the person. Some nail professionals say the type of people who prefers this shape are more bold and daring, and usually doesn’t mind trying loud colors or nail art. Wow, so why am I being so resistant to this shape?

Metaphorically, could resistant to square nails suggest a distain for being put in a box or having your choices taken away?  (Well, my soul-self is shouting “YES, that’s it!”)

Round Nails

Research results reveal round or oval-ish shaped nails are considered somewhat outdated (ouch!), depicting women of with traditional and conservative personalities or preferences. On an optimistic note, round-shaped nails often indicate the owner is caring and fair-minded.

Would resistance to the round shaped nails suggest a fear of being rolled over? Or would the soul-coaching question be:  What have you not gotten a-round to asking or facing?

Squoval (square-oval) Nails

The squoval shaped nail is the most contemporary nail shape, combining the elegance of the oval-round nail, with the strength of the square shaped nail according to NAILS MAGIZINE.  Those who gravitate to this nail shape have a sense of adventure, without going too far out on the skinny branches of fashion.  The coaching question for those sporting squoval nails could be something like: Do you ever have a difficult time making up your mind?  Or, do you tend to be the great compromiser in your life?  Perhaps the most provocative thought is that the squaoval nail owner is a great balancer, choosing the best of both worlds, both in a nail shape, and in the shape of their heart connections.

Stiletto Pointy Nails

Ultra long, incredibly pointy nails are a one of the latest trends in nails today for those who are not shy, including Rihanna, Nicole Richie and even oldster Madonna, age 55.  No doubt about it, women who choose the stiletto nails, have an air about themselves, sometimes feeling a little ‘above it all’.  The real point might be that they are trying to pin-point just what it is their soul is carving, in this life time.  Ohhhhh, what a great new spiritual term: Spiritual Stiletto.  What would the definition be for Spiritual Stiletto, knowing the word stiletto stands for a dagger or special cutting tool?

Edgey Nails

For the newest, playful, artists and fully expressed nail the ‘edgey nail’ finds its way into the marketplace.  It is a nail shape that screams:  Don’t you dare ignore me . . .and don’t tell me how I will express myself.  Nuf said . . .express 5

So what did I learn?

We must keep reinventing ourselves.  Just because we made a decision in another point in time does not mean that decision will always be valid.


More than ever I am committed to being a ‘soulolist’, which is defined as a person deeply involved in the study of the lessons of the soul and what their personal soul seeks for its fulfillment and illumination in this lifetime.

The late Debbie Ford posed some extraordinary soul-search questions is her bestselling book The Right Questions: Ten Essential Questions To Guide You To An Extraordinary Life.   One of the questions applied to my nail attachments quest:

Am I choosing from my Divinity or am I choosing from my humanity?

The answer was recently captured for me by Melissa Corter, Soul Artist.  When I look at the photo there is no doubt the most important question is not what shape my fingernails are, rather what is the shape of my soul? By focusing on my soul, when the tips of my fingertips come together to form of a mudra, the only attachment is a prayer.

Blessings ~ May we seek to shed attachments to out-of-date thoughts and continue to reinvent ourselves right down to the tip of our fingers.



KC Miller is the author of Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path. She is working with two other Soulolists’, Cheryl Speen and Nancy Newman, to release a new book entitled The Tao of Toe Reading: A Way to Understand the Soul. 

It thrills a new BLOG author when you leave your comments ~ Thank you in advance for expressing your thoughts!

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Blesseth Are Those Who ‘Show Up’ . . . to Clean


“Create in me a clean heart . . . and restore a ‘right’ Spirit within me” was my prayer after a drama-filled morning of attack-thoughts toward a cleaning service that did not ‘show up’.

Due to a very high-impact week of family company I couldn’t quite imagine how I could get the lodge ready to go into another weekend of company without some major help. After finally making arrangements with a mountain cleaning service to come help me, I got a nagging message from Spirit, “They aren’t going show up!” Feeling just a little controlling, I called to confirm with the local proprietor that she did indeed have me on her schedule and that I would have an early morning crew to help me. With a great deal of explanation she assured me I would have cleaners in the morning.

At 5:00 am Spirit awakened me with the message: “Get up, they are not going to show up.” Totally energized, for the wrong reason, I began cleaning like a whirling dervish, with unrighteous thoughts.

First, my egoistic thoughts were: “How could she do this to me!”

Then thoughts of revenge: “I am going to YELP the heck out of this business owner. . . I’ll tell everyone how incompetent she and her business is . . . . blah, blah, blah . . . .”

And then finally, as a bead of sweat strung my eye, compassion found its way, and I heard Spirit say: “How are you showing up?”

After a small pity-party, I began a self inventory based on my deepest belief that everything is something:

• What is this really about? What am I to see?
• What is the lesson? What is the blessing?
• Where am I not fully expressing gratitude in my life?

The answers came quickly!

My first thoughts were of total appreciation and gratitude for staff members at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts who faithfully ‘show up’ 360 days a year to clean our four facilities. Several team members came to mind, all of which have experienced amazing spiritual transformation while on ‘on assignment’ in the maintenance department cleaning daily. As I found myself on my knees wiping down the bathroom bowl and floors a calm flooded my soul; I found peace in the moment knowing what I was doing had purpose and importance.

A few minutes later I was dusting an old plaque with the words: When life gets too hard to stand, kneel! Little tears of realization slipped down my cheeks.

stand kneel

My second awareness was that the snit I was having about cleaning our second home was a true expression of non-gratitude. Humbled, my heart expanded like that of Dr. Seuss’ fictional character ‘the Grinch’. The difference was my heart grew more than three sizes in that moment.

Turning inward, I felt great compassion for the woman who was trying to run a business, with staff she couldn’t count on to ‘show up.’ At that very moment the door bell rang and a tiny hobbit-looking woman stood at my door apologizing for being late. She didn’t know where the rest of the crew was, however she was happy for the last-minute opportunity to be of service, although she had just worked a night shift watching over her friend’s mother who had been expected to ‘go to heaven’ while under her watch.

Oh my . . . can my lessons get much more dramatic as to how much there is to be grateful for?” I thought.

A Course In Miracles teaches: “Life is a course in miracles and we all required to take the course.”

My favorite part states: “Only the time you take the required lessons is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.”

timingThe music of the late Keith Green, a beloved Christian singer and songwriter, came across the lodge stereo:

Create in me a clean heart, oh God
And renew a right spirit within me
Cast me not away from Thy presence,
Take not Thy holy spirit from me
Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation

My salvation was realizing it wasn’t the cleaning I was resisting, rather the time that would be required of me. In my ego-mind I thought I had more important things to do. What Spirit knew was that once I got into the quiet-Zen-state of cleaning my thoughts would calm and I would be able to listen.

Spirit is very polite and will not speak when competing forces dominate.

Those who take cleaning seriously know Spirit shows up in the quiet of cleaning. For me, it is when surrendering to dusting, scrubbing and cleaning toilet bowels that Spirit offers moments of clarity and truth. When I ‘show up’ for the task at hand (whether it is cleaning or serving in some other way) Spirit ‘shows up’ as well.

Yes, everything I had just experienced was in Divine-perfection with my soul’s curriculum.

The next song that buoyantly filled the air was “I Can’t Wait to Show Up in Heaven” from Keith & Melody Green’s ‘The Prodigal Son’ album. The parable of the Prodigal Son/Daughter is that of squandering time and resources. Metaphorically, I realize I was squandering a piece of heaven on earth with my ungrateful attitude. By embracing the opportunity to clean my house, I cleaned my attitude as well.

My mental post-it is: Show up! Clean up! Create your own little heaven!

clean up show up

KC Miller is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. She has been a long-time metaphysician and student of A Course in Miracles. Please FOLLOW KC Miller on her personal Facebook page and LIKE her Facebook FAN Page: KC Miller ~ Instrument of Spirit.

As a new Blogger KC would be honored if you would leave a comment about your take-away from this Blog post ~ Blessings


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The Samson Effect: Can your Hair bring YOU Closer to God?

There probably isn’t a person on the planet that hasn’t had a ‘bad hair’ day.  Whether you have gone to a hair cutter for ‘just a trim’ and left feeling like a skinned cat, or you have a cowlick section of hair that stands at odds with your will regularly, there are probably a few days in your life that can easily be labeled as ‘bad hair’ days.

My story is I was born with mouse-brown, fairy-fine, spaghetti-straight hair.  Now, as a post-menopausal, thyroidal woman, I can truly say I am having a few more ‘bad hair’ days than ever before. ‘Bad’ are the days I find my hair has just leapt off my head, on its own accord, and plugs up the sink.

Taking a deep breath I remind myself:

1.  A bad hair day is not a bad life.

2.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, and hair is considered small stuff.

bad hair

My hair drama came to a head recently in a conversation with one of my grandgirls:

Annie: “Granny, why do you have old lady hair?”

Me, aka Granny K:  “What’s old lady hair?”

Annie:  “The kind you can see through!”

As a lifelong metaphysician, I found myself searching for deeper meaning to my noticeably thinning (see through) hair and the Rogaine ads that have started to follow me every time I log on to Facebook.

Sending up a snivel-prayer, I said: “Oh Good God, help me comb through the messages you would have me see. Please send me Guides.”

Within minutes of my mediation, three leading ladies popped into my awareness: Dolly Pardon, Roseanne Roseannadanna, and Sunny Dawn Johnston. The minute the divas flashed into my mind, I knew why they were my in-the-moment teachers.


Dolly Parton has always been one of my favorite country singers. I have admired her spunk, her talent and for the way she allows whatever flashed through her mind at the moment to come out with a giggle. One of her infamous quotes is: “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” She said it, I believed it, and have laughed often about how high I love to spray-tease my hair.


Roseanne Roseannadanna is someone who has always made me ‘snaugh’: Laugh so hard I snort, then laugh because I snorted, then snort because I laughed. When I think of this character who is now serving from heaven, I see her outrageous hair, I hear her whiny voice, and remember her perspective: “It’s always something!” In the scheme of things, I’ll take my hair ‘blesson’ vs. Roseanne Roseannadanna thick-nest.

The BIG ah-ha to my ‘what’s-the-big-hairy-deal’ question came from watching Sunny Dawn Johnston during her post video about WHY she choose to do a Lifetime made-for-TV special called:  A SEANCE WITH . . .

sunny big

To make a great story short: Sunny explains she had been invited to Hollywood to do a pilot reality-TV show and accepted the invitation with the prayer that Spirit would use her in a BIG way. The details are really fun to listen to . . . One of the funniest parts was when Sunny tells about how the professional make-up artist began to redo her hair. From a deep place of honesty Sunny affirms: “I like by hair BIG. The more and more the make-up artist combed out my hair, the more and more I realized I needed to surrender. So I stopped looking in the mirror, and went on national TV trusting my hair to Spirit.”

Wow, that’s trust in my book! As a Leo-born woman, my hair has always been a ‘thing’ for me. When I listened to Sunny Dawn Johnston share her experience all the tiny hairs on my head stood up. The message I heard was: Whatever you want of your hair, you want that in your relationship with Spirit. Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it . . . Give me a chance to explain:

Sunny wants BIG hair. Sunny declared that she wants a BIG relationship with the Divine.

Dolly Pardon wants HIGHER hair. I think it is probably safe to say Dolly wants (and has) a relationship with a HIGHER source. Listen to the words of the music she writes. (Did you know she has written a HIGHER number of country songs than another other country artist in history?)

When I quizzed my sister, Barb, about what she wants from her hair, she said: “It want to get back to my hair being natural.” Using a Life Coaching approach, I asked: “Would it be a stretch to say you are craving a more ‘natural’ relationship with Spirit?” Wide eyed, Barb confirmed: ‘Exactly! I hadn’t put it in those words . . . Now that you put it that way, yes, that’s exactly what I desire.”

I asked myself: What do I want my hair to be? My answer was: “I want my hair to be there. I want my hair to be full.” In staying with my weird-metaphorical logic: I want my relationship with Spirit to be there . . .and, I want it to be full.

Are you willing to consider the question: How do you want your hair? And, whatever the answer is, take that adjective and ask: Do you desire to have —insert adjective—– with Spirit?

In doing my research on what I am calling The Samson Effect, I have gotten some very interesting answers to the question: “How do you want your hair to be?”


In control!


From those answer, I asked: “Does this coaching question work?” Do I want my relationship with Spirit to be beautiful, in-control and well-behaved?

Ok, so maybe not all adjectives fit! The important question is: How do I want my relationship to be with Spirit?


Recently Melissa Corter, a Soul Artist Photographer, captured me and my hair as I was in a moment-of-connection with my sister. At first I was critical of my hair sticking up, in an out-of-control, ill-behaving way. Then I asked: “Do I want an in-control, well-behaved relationship with Spirit? NO! I want to be connected at all times, even if it is by a hair-antenna.”

You probably won’t see The Samson Effect: How Your Hair Can Bring You Closer to God on the New York Time best-sellers list anytime soon. However, we can learn from Samson, the Biblical figure, who lost his physical powers and prowess when he had a ‘bad hair’ day. His life was restored when he humbled himself enough to say: “Oh Good God, forgive my humanness! Allow my vanity to be transformed into my strength.”

 My prayer is this: May my faith grows as I remember the very hairs on my head are counted and known by the Divine.

hair counted

PLEASE consider leaving a COMMENT on my BLOG ~ It will tickle every little hair on me!  Blessings : )) KC

KC Miller is the committed metaphysician and author of Toe Reading, Are You Walking Your Destined Path. She is currently working with Cheryl Speen and Nancy Newman on a new book, The Tao of Toe Reading: A ‘way’ to Understand the Soul.  FOLLOW KC’s personal Facebook page or LIKE her fan page:  KC Miller ~ Instrument of Spirit

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Celebrate the Father YOU chose . . . or How to Celebrate the dad who may have loved you inadequately


‘Happy Father’s Day’ does not always seem to fit for some people who had less than an ‘A+’ experience with their fathers.  The ‘A’ often stands of Abusive, Abandonment or Awfully-emotionally-unavailable.

Long ago I learned to celebrate the lessons my father gifted me as a child of an Alcoholic father.  Yes, I have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, yes, I highly prefer to be ‘in control’, and yes, I tend to ‘do it myself’ because I can predict the results.  While I have had to learn to temper and refined all these qualities I inherited as a result of who my father was, in the end, they have served me well.

The last lesson my father taught me has most shaped my life.  It is the importance of being able to imagine. 

My father’s birthday was June 13 and often fell on Father’s Day.  In later December, 18 years ago, my father had just returned from an AA meeting with a burning desire to work the 5th & 8th steps:

  • Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  • Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

Dad went into great detail to ask for my forgiveness and made sure he told me he loved me.  When he hugged me, I was very aware the hug had extra meaning.  Brushing off this intimate moment I said, “Dad, it’s fine . . . it’s all good . . . . I’ll see you in six months for your 70th birthday.”

As he stepped back, wiping away a tear, he mumbled:  “I can’t imagine being 70!” He died a few weeks after.

To this day I consciously choose to imagine whatever it is I want in my life . In my coaching, and everyday conversation, I say:

  • Imagine that . . .
  • Are you willing to imagine?
  • What would happen if you allowed yourself to imagine?

In a Forgiveness Ceremony I facilitated a few years ago I made the opening statement:  “We all chose our own lessons!  We all choose your fathers!”  A big-rough-tough-like man sitting on the front row began to sob!  In total and utter gut-wrenching pain he shouted: “Why would anyone choose me as their father?”choose our fathers

The entire room sat pin-dropping quiet as we listened to the story his soul needed to tell: Through his shameful tears he admitted to being an abusive, over-of-control alcoholic, with a godawful  temper.   Awakening from a blackout one night, he remembered seeing his little girl, with a red swollen handprint on her face, weeping the words daddy: “Daddy I’ll be good  . . . daddy . . .daddy . . . ”  The words being shouted by his ex-wife still burned into his mind:   “If you love your child you will leave!” 

He did leave.   He never drank again.  And, he became a decorated veteran.  Returning from war the real battle had just begun. He had never forgiven himself for abandoning his daughter.  His plea was that he could find a way to forgive himself  . . . . his deepest fear was he would begin drinking again.

My invitation to him was this:  “Rise to the Angel’s perspective . . . look down on his daughter’s life  . . .  imagine how it may had been.” 

His immediate response was, “I don’t need to do that.  I have kept track of her every step of the way!”  He proudly reported:  She had an award-winning high school experience, she graduated college with honors, she married a really good guy . . . and she now had little girl of her own.

Out of my mouth came the words:  “What IF her soul needed what only you as her father could offer.”

only you

Being an recovered alcoholic,  my challenge to him was:  “Can you imagine going to her and doing the work of the 5th & 8th steps:.

  • Admitted to your daughter the exact nature of your wrongs.
  • Be willing to make amends.”

This story has a very happy ending:  On Father’s Day, dressed in his military whites, complete with his metals of honor, he knocked on his daughter’s door.  She answered the door . . . and without a moment’s hesitation she hugs him saying:  “I have prayed this day would come all my life!”

life prayer

Before you are quick to say not every ‘father-child’ story will have a story-book ending like this one, imagine it does!

What would happen IF you allowed yourself to imagine you chose your father and whatever experiences he gave you, they were for make you the person you are today?  Can you imagine today being:  Happy ME Day . . . I am who I am because of the father I chose!

happy me day

While it may be more difficult to imagine that the man who abused, beat, or, god-forbid, raped you was of your choosing . . . Imagine for just a moment that is the truth.  The books written by Bryon Katie or Caroline Myss first suggested this idea, and although it was hard to wrap my head around at first, the more I have worked with this thought the more serenity there has been.

For many the serenity prayer today may sounds like this:

father's day prayer

As I was writing this blog I had the opportunity to ask three people who had fathers who did a great job ‘loving them-inadequately’ what they learned from choosing an “A-type” father. In all cases they said:  I learned how I want to parent!  My father taught me how to love my children differently than I was loved . . . and I can celebrate that!

different love

For those of you who do not even remotely relate to this blog: Blessings, blessings!  Hug your father extra tight today! 

As for me, I am hugging my father who is in heaven today, with my prayer being:  Thank you daddy for doing your assignment well . . . Because of you I am the strong, independent, hard-working, pray-ful woman I am today!  I love you!  Happy Father’s Day!

father toes

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Celebrate Your Critics – Claim Your Truth

critic 4

Every one of us has a critic or two in our life.  They may be close friends and family or the casual unconscious cavalier would-be-comic that offers up a caustic comment that cremates our self-esteem momentarily.  I have come to consider the critics in my life as ‘Messengers of Courage’ because to face any comment or criticism they toss out takes courageousness on my part.  Facing whatever expression of disapproval or perceived fault someone else has of me is an opportunity for me to do a moral inventory of who I really am, where I stand in the world and exactly what my truth is about me!


One of my biggest moments of courage in facing a critic happened a few years ago during a Celebrate Your Life event in Scottsdale, Arizona.   For years Mishka Productions, created by Ariel Wolfe and Liz Dawn, have been bringing best-selling authors and new-age thought leaders together for a weekend of intense spiritual growth.  It has been my honor to be a part of the conference from almost the beginning, partly because long before the Celebrate Your Life events began I was friends with Ariel Wolfe.  It was at these amazing conferences that my soul work, Toe Reading, really found a life of its own.  From the first time Toe Readings were offered to conference participants, long lines of people would form just to have a piece of their life path analyzed and honored.  The messages stored in the tissue of their toes proved to be extremely accurate and divinely guided messages were offered to the conference seekers. Hundreds of people received deep transformative information about themselves and their soul-path, creating tremendous healing and release from past pain from the Toe Readings they received based on a soul coaching system I was able to teach a whole team of Spirit-directed practitioners. Ariel Wolfe was always one of my biggest fans.  She and I had developed a certain sisterhood based on work we had done together years before in a woman’s mastermind group.  We had taken to heart the belief that if every woman in the world were to extend a hand to another we could affect the entire planet.  The visualization we used was seeing women standing hand-in-hand encircling the globe.  Ariel was famous for saying, “We are stewards to bring consciousness to the world.” I never questioned her edict.   She said it, I embraced it.   My personal mission became to touch lives, heal bodies and free souls.

Ariel Wolfe Quote

One year Ariel made special arrangements for me to meet one of the famous authors whom I have always admired.  She invited me to come to her suite an hour before the Author’s Dinner to personally meet this person and possibly do a Toe Reading.  You can imagine my excitement!  As I walked into the room I heard Ariel explaining who I was and how eager she was to have the author endorse my work.  The comment from the author’s mouth came out critically:  “Ariel, you know she just made this stuff up.” I caught eye contact with Ariel for just an instant, froze, smiled and backed out the door.  It took be a moment for me to catch my breath.  When I did I began to laugh softly because my first thought was:  “Thank you for being my messenger and inviting me to step into who I know I am.”  I knew I was a steward destined to bring consciousness to the world one soul at a time!  That moment in time will be forever etched in my soul.  It was the day I understood on the deepest level possible that what someone else thinks of me or my life-work is none of my business.  I am a ‘direct report’ to the Divine, and not to man . . . . or woman for that matter. The elation I still feel today is knowing, without a shadows of doubt, we all have a destined path.  We are here to do something no one else is assigned to do . . . We are ‘on assignment.’


Don Miguel Ruiz author of The Four Agreements teaches that one of the sacred agreements we must make in life is: Don’t take anything personally.  At last year’s Celebrate Your Life event, Don Miguel Ruiz said in his workshop:  “You need a very strong will in order to adopt the Four Agreements—but if you can begin to live your life with these agreements, the transformation in your life will be amazing. You will see the drama of hell disappear right before your very eyes. Instead of living in a dream of hell, you will be creating a new dream—your personal dream of heaven.


The agreements I have made with myself when I face a critic are based on the acronym C.R.I.T.I.C.:

C.larify what the criticism really is!  Is there any validity to the comment?  Is it about you, or is it about the one extending the comment?  The big question is:  Is it a message or a test?  Or both? Clarifying questions begin with WHAT, HOW, WHO and IS . . .

R.ealize there is always something to look at!  Whether there is a grain of truth in the critical comment or not, take a deep grounding breathe and ask: Is there any fear in the comment?  Whose fear is it? What am I afraid to look at that makes this comment feels so personal?  What could the messenger possibly be afraid of?


I.nquiry is empowering!  Consider the definition of inquiry.  It is an act of asking for information or an official investigation. Synonyms to the word inquiry are probe, examine, review or exploration. When framed that way, doesn’t inquiry into a critical comment sound exciting? Ok . . . could you agree that it at least sounds adventuresome? ‘Inquiry-based Learning is defined as seeking for truth, information, or knowledge — seeking information by questioning.  Consider adopting a new learning style . . .that of inquiry and questioning from a place of expectation and not defensiveness.


T.ell the truth, to yourself and to the messenger.  Learning to touch the center of the pain or discomfort and not shrinking back from the truth expands your world exponentially.  Speak your truth even if your voice shakes.  It is in telling the truth to yourself and another that allows you to triumph over anything that has bound you to being ‘little’ or feeling ‘less-than’ in any way.


I.magine your signed a contract on another level of time and space to meet this tough-natured messenger/teacher.  What if you began living your life with the expectation that you will at points in your life meet critical people because, for reasons you don’t fully understand, your soul needs the burnishing of caustic-natured comments?  Yeah, I know it sounds a little esoteric . . . and yet, as a perspective tool, imagine your soul soaring every time you stand in your convictions with grace and expanded wisdom.

C.elebrate being courageous!  You never know how much courage you have until that is your only choice!  Of course you do have a choice as to how you react or respond to critics.  Consider committing to growing tall in the Light of who you truly are.


There are two authors I consider my greatest teachers in understanding how to celebrate the critics in my life. First, Terry Cole-Whittaker, a new-thought writer and Religious Science minister who wrote What You Think of Me is None of My Business in 1979.  Her book changed my life.  The title of the book became my life-long mantra.  It is a timeless book. So many hours are wasted thinking about someone else’s opinion. Set yourself free! For as little as $.99 you can download the book that has self-awareness exercises at the end of each chapter designed to retrains your belief systems and challenges old, usually false, assumptions. Terry Cole-Whittaker Quote My second mentor-through-print is Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world.  The powerful, proven questions she  gives us are: Question 1: Is it true? Question 2: Can you absolutely know it’s true? Question 3: How do you react—what happens—when you believe that thought? Question 4: Who would you be without the thought?

bk thought

I could write volumes about Byron Katie and the depths to which she voice has strengthened mine.   There nothing I could or would even think to criticize about Byron Katie’s work. Go to her website  http://www.thework.com  and get free downloads and worksheets or LIKE her on Facebook.

Do I ‘LIKE’ criticism? Of course not!  Do I fear it anymore? Less and less all the time!  Claim your truth by celebrating your critics!  Blessings : )) KC on Courage KC Miller is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a national accredited college for Holistic wellness and Spiritual Studies. www.swiha.edu  KC is a Life Coach, Teacher and author of  Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path and  FOLLOW KC Miller on her personal Facebook page or to become a fan LIKE  KC Miller – Instrument of Spirit on Facebook.

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Three Great Ways NOT to Write a Book

unpublished life

How many people have you ever heard say:  “I’m writing a book”, and yet the book never seems to get written.  To be totally honest, I am one of them, therefore I am an authority on the topic of how NOT to write a book.  These are three ways to NOT write a book:

1. Anounce you are writing a book!  Whether it is conscious or subconscious, a saboteuristic phenomenon many times occurs when we announce we are going to step closer our Light.  It’s almost as if we become a victim of ‘spiritual terrorism’, meaning that our potential Light somehow threatens the mediocrity we have come to consider our comfort zone.   As crazy as it sounds, an internal war wages between becoming amazing and remaining the same.  So then what happens?  Our internal messages get jammed up and nothing comes out onto the pages destined to be our book(s).

When we look at the etymology of the word sabotage it may have comes from the Netherlands, around the 15th century, when workers would throw their wooden shoes, known as sabots, into the gears of the textile looms to break the cogs.  Why would they do this?  People were afraid the imminent industrialization would change things so dramatically they wouldn’t have a place in the workforce.

Is it possible when we are writing a book we begin to live in the future, and we become afraid things will change so dramatically that we won’t be comfortable in our new place in the world?  Maybe! So what’s the solution?  First, stop living in the future; more than half of the things we are afraid will happen never happen!  Secondly, remember Marianne Williamson cautioned us about this fear.  She taught us: “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually who are we not to be?“  We could ask yet another question: “Who are we not to be a published author?”


2.  Live an unexamined life! Socrates once stated, “The unexamined life is not worth living!”   He didn’t say the unexamined life is less meaningful than it could be. NO, he simply and clearly says it’s not even worth living.

If I were to follow the lead of this enigmatic historical figure then I would boldly state: “If we don’t write the books we carry in our heart, we don’t examine our lives.”What Socrates and I have in common is we believed the purpose of human life is to question life!  As a Life Coach and teacher, bold enough to bill myself as an ‘Instrument of Spirit’, part of my dharma is to inspire and assist others in growing toward greater understanding of their true spiritual self.  This requires taking the time to examine and reflect upon our lives and ask the really tough questions.  Writing a book is a commitment to deeply examine our lives, which can create a certain amount of anxiety within.  It is certainly safest, and most comfortable, to NOT write a book.

Robert Gerzon, a holistic psychotherapist and Life Coach, wrote a well-acclaimed book entitled Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety.  He teaches that ‘Natural Anxiety’ is the healthy signal warning of danger or potential opportunities; ‘Toxic Anxiety’ is the dysfunctional overreaction that can leads to procrastination, addictions, and dysfunction; and ‘Sacred Anxiety’ is the deepest inner yearning for meaning and oneness with the Divine.  It is Dr. Gerzon’s theory ‘Sacred Anxiety’ leads to serenity.

The real question I ask myself, and invite you to ask as well, is this:  Is the procrastination we experience in NOT writing our books ‘Natural Anxiety’, ‘Toxic Anxiety’, or ‘Sacred Anxiety’.  By asking the question I believe we can ascend to ‘Sacred Anxiety’, allowing ourselves to find meaning in our writing and our non-writing journey

Don't quit

3. Write with the intention of NOT to publish a book. IF you are on a spiritual quest, and mastering non-attachments is one of the things you aspire to in this lifetime, imagine writing a book, fully intending NOT to publish it! Wow, not that’s total surrender to the process of non-attachment, isn’t it?

The idea of not publishing a book came forth recently when I was coaching a hypnotherapist who was hearing the voice of Spirit dictating profound messages into the ears of her heart.  She knew she had an important book within, yet the thought of writing it created such anxiety that every part of her life was being affected.  Agreeing she had all the answers within, we began to brainstorm possible solutions to her book-writing dilemma. Surely it was the Divine speaking through me as I heard the words come out my mouth asking:  “What if the most intimate thing you could do is write down the whispers of Spirit and not publish them?”

We all have a book or two within us. Whether they ever become published is really not important; what’s important is that our stories are honored.  One of the most dramatic quotes I occasionally reflect on was written by a Jewish man named Franz Kafka, famous for writing novels exploring the human struggle for understanding.

An edited version of one of his quotes is: “If the book we are reading does not wake us, as with a fist hammering on our skulls, then why do we read it? Good God, if we have no such books that make us happy we could, if need be, write ourselves. A book must be an ice axe to break the sea frozen inside us.”

frank k

The sea frozen inside of me is thawing . . . I’m ready to get out of my own way and let my writing flow. One of ‘ice axes’ for me was reading the book Think Like a Publisher: 33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote and Sell Your Book by Randy Davila is the President of Hierophant Publishing and Hampton Roads Publishing Company. It’s a very bottom-line, one-stop guide to understanding the book business and the necessary steps to become a successful author. Between the two publishing houses, Randy has overseen the publication of books by authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Bach, Jack Canfield, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and many, many others. Imagine some of the ‘other authors’ Randy Davila publishes being you and I?

To receive the introduction to his book and first three tips that might begin to warm the ‘frozen sea’ of your writing go to his website and give him your email: www.insighteventsusa.com/think-like-a-publisher or go to his Facebook Fan Page entitled Think Like a Publisher for regular tips he posts.



While there are many reasons to NOT write a book, there are many more reasons for writing one. Whether you choose to publish what you write or just consider it an intimate love letter to the Divine, let’s write!  Blessings!


KC Miller is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a national accredited college for Holistic wellness and Spiritual Studies. www.swiha.edu  KC is a Life Coach, Teacher and author of two self-published books: Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path and Myotherapy: A 7-Step Process for Release.  She is currently writing several new books.  FOLLOW KC Miller on her personal Facebook page or to become a fan LIKE  KC Miller – Instrument of Spirit on Facebook.

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Spiritual Dyslexia ~ I see it differently

beware 2

Even as a child of 7 years old I understood being singled out to be in the ‘Orange-bird’ reading group was to be at the bottom of the pecking order.  While I wasn’t a dunce, I did experience ‘word-blindness’ or a condition known as dyslexia.

One of my greatest life lessons, stored deep within my body, came when the director of the Sunday School delivered the edict I was now at the ‘age-of-reading’ I should stop praying off the top of my head. The directive was I must read the approved prayers issued by the church senate to ensure proper preparation for communion. (Note her words were ‘the age-of-reading’ and not ‘the age-of reason’.)organe bird reading group

I was devastated.  As I struggled to read the prayers written on the pages, I wept because they didn’t match the meditations of my young heart.   I grew more and more dissonant, burrowing deep within in angry and confusion.  The grades on my report card plummeted, showing S- and D’s . . . which I translated to mean I was stupid and dumber-than-dumb.

A hero appeared in the form of my 3rd grade teacher.  One fateful day Mrs. Christiansen asked me to stay in at recess so she could talk to me about my brain.  You can imagine the things that went through my head as I tried in my innocence to make sense of the invitation.

With great care my teacher delivered the results of days of testing by explaining:  “KC, dear, you are one of the luckiest little girls I know.  The Angels have chosen you to see things differently.  Sometimes they close a door to a certain room in your brain; when they do, they always open a big window in another part of your brain.  In your case, the door they closed was to a room filled with old boring books.  The Angels have given you big picture window from which to see the world in full color, alive with magical possibilities”. She finished her report with a statement that has been incepted deeply in my subconscious:  “You will always see things differently.”

listen 7

She was right.  I have always been very visual, seeing opportunities where others did not see them, seeing the good in people when even they themselves did not see it and I have always been able to intuit messages from unlikely places.  (Ask me about Toe Reading sometime for a full understanding about seeing things differently.)

Recently I was writing in one of my journals and the word G-O-D was magical decoded to read D-O-G.  My heart flipped as I clearly saw the full word: Dogma . . . followed by the words Spiritual Dyslexia.   God is love and love must evol-ve.   Do you see it?  L-O-V-E spelled backward is E-V-O-L, the first four letters in evolve.  That’s my assignment for today:  See it differently!  What, who or how can I evolve today?SG ~ EVOL

When in doubt: Close your eyes and see with your heart.

PS:  As a postscript to my dyslexia, the two things that most improved my reading and brain function were dancing and embracing Brain Gym®, an educational model that honors the innate intelligence of our body and the value of movement in daily life. It encourages creativity, self-expression, and an appreciation of music and drumming in education.  All of these factors are fully embraced in the educational process at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. www.swiha.eduestein smart

FUN FACT: Albert Einstein, one of the great minds of his century, was thought to suffer from dyslexia mainly because of his bad memory and his constant failure to be able to do the simplest of things. He would not remember the months in the year or his address, yet he succeed in solving some of the most complicated mathematical formulas of the time without any trouble. My belief is he, too, saw things differently.

see as melissa sees

KC QUOTE: What’s important to one brain is not important to another! Let us not be attached to how someone else sees the world if it is different than our viewpoint.  My prayer is we will evolve to love one another for the sake of loving them for the view from their heart. ~ KC Miller

** Allow we to honor Melissa Corter as a Spirit-directed messenger.  She calls herself a ‘Soul Artist’.  What I LOVE about her work is her ability to help others see themselves as they are on a soul level.  Her website is: www.melissacorter.com  ~  I am pretty sure Melissa has spiritual dyslexia.  : )

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