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Author Archives: KC Miller

WHEN what you think of me IS my business . . .

The thought . . . what you think of me is none of my business . . . is a pretty popular thought and well-founded on many levels.  Don Miguel Ruiz, author or the bestselling book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom teaches that we should take nothing personal. A book by … Continue reading »

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Would Yoga have Saved Robin Williams Life?

Without an iota of humor, satire, or sarcasms, I seriously ponder the thought: Would yoga have saved Robin Williams life?  What would have happened if the great comedic mind had discovered the teachings of a sage named Patanjali who invited all of us to “Still the fluctuations of the mind?” One of Robin Williams’ infamous … Continue reading »

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The Phenomenon of Touch ~ An-almost ‘Ouija-Board-Like’ Effect

While some people get totally sideways with the term ‘Ouija Board’, please allow me to explain why this term describes my experience with massage therapy at its best. Historically, ‘Ouija’ (WEE-jə) Board was known as a ‘spirit board’ or ‘talking board’ where a small heart-shaped piece of wood, called a planchette, was used to understand … Continue reading »

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Nailed . . . by my Attachments

Does it matter one little iota what shape my fingernails are?  WHY, then, did I have such a strong visceral-not-even-remotely-logical reaction to a nail technician telling me that I should have square nails rather than the oval-roundish-shaped nails I have worn for years? Wow, there was definitely something to ‘coach around’ based on the level … Continue reading »

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Blesseth Are Those Who ‘Show Up’ . . . to Clean

“Create in me a clean heart . . . and restore a ‘right’ Spirit within me” was my prayer after a drama-filled morning of attack-thoughts toward a cleaning service that did not ‘show up’. Due to a very high-impact week of family company I couldn’t quite imagine how I could get the lodge ready to … Continue reading »

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The Samson Effect: Can your Hair bring YOU Closer to God?

There probably isn’t a person on the planet that hasn’t had a ‘bad hair’ day.  Whether you have gone to a hair cutter for ‘just a trim’ and left feeling like a skinned cat, or you have a cowlick section of hair that stands at odds with your will regularly, there are probably a few … Continue reading »

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Celebrate the Father YOU chose . . . or How to Celebrate the dad who may have loved you inadequately

‘Happy Father’s Day’ does not always seem to fit for some people who had less than an ‘A+’ experience with their fathers.  The ‘A’ often stands of Abusive, Abandonment or Awfully-emotionally-unavailable. Long ago I learned to celebrate the lessons my father gifted me as a child of an Alcoholic father.  Yes, I have an overdeveloped … Continue reading »

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Celebrate Your Critics – Claim Your Truth

Every one of us has a critic or two in our life.  They may be close friends and family or the casual unconscious cavalier would-be-comic that offers up a caustic comment that cremates our self-esteem momentarily.  I have come to consider the critics in my life as ‘Messengers of Courage’ because to face any comment … Continue reading »

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Three Great Ways NOT to Write a Book

How many people have you ever heard say:  “I’m writing a book”, and yet the book never seems to get written.  To be totally honest, I am one of them, therefore I am an authority on the topic of how NOT to write a book.  These are three ways to NOT write a book: 1. … Continue reading »

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Spiritual Dyslexia ~ I see it differently

Even as a child of 7 years old I understood being singled out to be in the ‘Orange-bird’ reading group was to be at the bottom of the pecking order.  While I wasn’t a dunce, I did experience ‘word-blindness’ or a condition known as dyslexia. One of my greatest life lessons, stored deep within my … Continue reading »

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