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Blesseth Are Those Who ‘Show Up’ . . . to Clean

Posted by on July 27, 2014


“Create in me a clean heart . . . and restore a ‘right’ Spirit within me” was my prayer after a drama-filled morning of attack-thoughts toward a cleaning service that did not ‘show up’.

Due to a very high-impact week of family company I couldn’t quite imagine how I could get the lodge ready to go into another weekend of company without some major help. After finally making arrangements with a mountain cleaning service to come help me, I got a nagging message from Spirit, “They aren’t going show up!” Feeling just a little controlling, I called to confirm with the local proprietor that she did indeed have me on her schedule and that I would have an early morning crew to help me. With a great deal of explanation she assured me I would have cleaners in the morning.

At 5:00 am Spirit awakened me with the message: “Get up, they are not going to show up.” Totally energized, for the wrong reason, I began cleaning like a whirling dervish, with unrighteous thoughts.

First, my egoistic thoughts were: “How could she do this to me!”

Then thoughts of revenge: “I am going to YELP the heck out of this business owner. . . I’ll tell everyone how incompetent she and her business is . . . . blah, blah, blah . . . .”

And then finally, as a bead of sweat strung my eye, compassion found its way, and I heard Spirit say: “How are you showing up?”

After a small pity-party, I began a self inventory based on my deepest belief that everything is something:

• What is this really about? What am I to see?
• What is the lesson? What is the blessing?
• Where am I not fully expressing gratitude in my life?

The answers came quickly!

My first thoughts were of total appreciation and gratitude for staff members at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts who faithfully ‘show up’ 360 days a year to clean our four facilities. Several team members came to mind, all of which have experienced amazing spiritual transformation while on ‘on assignment’ in the maintenance department cleaning daily. As I found myself on my knees wiping down the bathroom bowl and floors a calm flooded my soul; I found peace in the moment knowing what I was doing had purpose and importance.

A few minutes later I was dusting an old plaque with the words: When life gets too hard to stand, kneel! Little tears of realization slipped down my cheeks.

stand kneel

My second awareness was that the snit I was having about cleaning our second home was a true expression of non-gratitude. Humbled, my heart expanded like that of Dr. Seuss’ fictional character ‘the Grinch’. The difference was my heart grew more than three sizes in that moment.

Turning inward, I felt great compassion for the woman who was trying to run a business, with staff she couldn’t count on to ‘show up.’ At that very moment the door bell rang and a tiny hobbit-looking woman stood at my door apologizing for being late. She didn’t know where the rest of the crew was, however she was happy for the last-minute opportunity to be of service, although she had just worked a night shift watching over her friend’s mother who had been expected to ‘go to heaven’ while under her watch.

Oh my . . . can my lessons get much more dramatic as to how much there is to be grateful for?” I thought.

A Course In Miracles teaches: “Life is a course in miracles and we all required to take the course.”

My favorite part states: “Only the time you take the required lessons is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.”

timingThe music of the late Keith Green, a beloved Christian singer and songwriter, came across the lodge stereo:

Create in me a clean heart, oh God
And renew a right spirit within me
Cast me not away from Thy presence,
Take not Thy holy spirit from me
Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation

My salvation was realizing it wasn’t the cleaning I was resisting, rather the time that would be required of me. In my ego-mind I thought I had more important things to do. What Spirit knew was that once I got into the quiet-Zen-state of cleaning my thoughts would calm and I would be able to listen.

Spirit is very polite and will not speak when competing forces dominate.

Those who take cleaning seriously know Spirit shows up in the quiet of cleaning. For me, it is when surrendering to dusting, scrubbing and cleaning toilet bowels that Spirit offers moments of clarity and truth. When I ‘show up’ for the task at hand (whether it is cleaning or serving in some other way) Spirit ‘shows up’ as well.

Yes, everything I had just experienced was in Divine-perfection with my soul’s curriculum.

The next song that buoyantly filled the air was “I Can’t Wait to Show Up in Heaven” from Keith & Melody Green’s ‘The Prodigal Son’ album. The parable of the Prodigal Son/Daughter is that of squandering time and resources. Metaphorically, I realize I was squandering a piece of heaven on earth with my ungrateful attitude. By embracing the opportunity to clean my house, I cleaned my attitude as well.

My mental post-it is: Show up! Clean up! Create your own little heaven!

clean up show up

KC Miller is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. She has been a long-time metaphysician and student of A Course in Miracles. Please FOLLOW KC Miller on her personal Facebook page and LIKE her Facebook FAN Page: KC Miller ~ Instrument of Spirit.

As a new Blogger KC would be honored if you would leave a comment about your take-away from this Blog post ~ Blessings


18 Responses to Blesseth Are Those Who ‘Show Up’ . . . to Clean

  1. Suzie McLaughlin

    Oh to be able to remain in the quiet peaceful calm. I love this post KC and really resonate with it. Cleaning is a great meditation and slowing to quiet the mind through busy times is a great gift. Love this post!

    • KC Miller

      Thanks Suzie ~ I appreciate your POST ~ We share the experience of having a ‘second’ home/retreat ~ I’m not surprised we share an appreciation for CLEAN! Blessings : )) KC

  2. Sheri Lee Anderson

    I certainly needed THAT thump on the head this morning!
    My husband and I clean my brother inlaws beauty salon every Sunday.
    When we first started…it was two years ago. The job paid for a new car.

    We USED to be so grateful for this side job. We did more than required…
    so now, it is expected of us. Ugh…now we drag our feet and procrastinate getting there…!

    Usually we go late Sunday night, because we have to talk ourselves into it…all day long!

    Today, after reading your blog KC, I woke my husband up and said…Lets get it done NOW…early today!

    We used to love doing it…because our work made his brother proud of us.
    Lately…he has not been so proud! We have not taken short cuts…that is not our style…
    however, we do RUSH through it.

    Today…I will clean…with a grateful heart!
    Thank You for Inspiring me to FLUSH my dread…and to SPARKLE my enthusiasm.

    • KC Miller

      Sheri Lee ~ OH, thank YOU for your post! I LOVE that you really got the message . . . and I LOVE your take away . . . to FLUSH dread…and to SPARKLE with enthusiasm! WOW, blessings : ) KC

  3. Nancy Murbach

    I definitely can relate to cleaning as a meditative ritual of mine. I love being able to peacefully and joyfully clean while listening to music etc… Tahnk you KC for this wonderful post as I thoroughly enjoy cleaning. No matter the mood I’m there, lol this truly resonates with me as well Suzie and KC. :)

    • KC Miller

      Nancy ~ Thank you for your post! Love that you get the message of creating a CLEAN heart! Blessings : )) KC

  4. dana janulis

    Loved your post.
    I call those moments Satan moments then I transform them to Godly moments.
    Always a nice slap in the face.

    • KC Miller

      Dana ~ Hadn’t those of it as a ‘slap in the face’ ~ It was indeed a slap in the face, a knock up the proverbial side of the head . . . and a true wake-up call to my Spirit. Blessings : ) KC

  5. Joan Wiebe

    Oh I am ‘ye of little faith’ lately
    Needed to read your blog !!
    As always dear KC you are insightful!
    Thank you dear beautiful spiritual lady !

  6. Gail Clay

    Cleaning takes me deeper than any thing I can do to meditate to really see things on a deeper level. I see dust as stored negative energy in a home or business and I think that is why so many people are not happy when there home or office is not clean however soon as they step into a clean space they feel a “renewed” energy to create. I also notice that when I don’t DEEP clean I don’t feel as renewed as when I just clean on the surface because I feel negative energy is stored at a deeper level, it’s ALL spiritual to me and it really helps me to see clearer in the mirror of my soul as well as the mirror on the wall…
    KC thanks for the awareness and for sharing.I truly love all the ways I serve at SWIHA it is all a part of the “assignment” and keeps us known as “the school with GREAT ENERGY”

    • KC Miller

      Gail Clay ~ Thank you for your comment ~ I sincerely do appreciate all you and the ‘Show UP & Clean’ team does ~ Blessings : ) KC

  7. Jamella Frieling

    Hello K.C. and thank you for those wonderful heart felt thoughts. As a Transformational Like Coach it is important to me to make a place where I can be true to myself and allow my connections with my angels and God to grow. Going through a 24 hour day I try to walk with in a place of grace, and some times it is not as easy as it my sound, but always it is always rewarding when I do.

    Your blog struck a nerve with me because just last Sunday I was put in a situation that took all the inner strength I have to be the person I really wanted to be. I went to this event and some how stood strong in the face of what I thought was my enemy and found myself surrounded by this person and all her friends too. I took a breath, I stood tall and I asked for help from my angels. when the evening was over and I was alone I felt good about myself, in fact I felt closure to these people. the first thing I did when I sat in my car to drive home was to say thank you to God and to all the angels who helped me to be gracious , compassionate and open to these people. In fact I could not say thank you enough because the lessen I learned is , I really never am alone and if I believe I will see the help I am asking for and I will become a better person because of it.

    So Thank you for what you wrote. it does help . it helps all who reads it. we are never to old to learn lessens . and never to old to understand who we really are.

    Keep writing I and I will keep reading.

    Thank you,

    Jamella Frieling

  8. Hector Quiroz

    KC- WOW! This is exactly what I needed to read this morning! Thank you for being real, open, loving and honest. So blessed to be a part of SWIHA and thank you for being an instrument in helping me heal and transform my life!

    Cleaning soothes me one a week when I’m in the mood for it. However, after an amazing day with my partner yesterday, we came home to a little huge doggy smelly accident inside our home. I was livid! (Full of ego) lol I was able to get to my peaceful place after I glanced at the clock to see how late it was. It read 11:11p LOL To me that is always a sign from spirit. At that point it wasn’t about how late it was, it was about, what is this teaching me? I was able to start counting my blessings and the situation completely changed. Oh and at least they did it in the bath tub! HAHAHA!

    Thank you for all you do!

  9. Judy Lathrop

    No wonder my house is dirty! You really nailed this, KC. I have never been able to equate cleaning with a meditative state or been open to making it spirit filled. I do love a clean house but getting there has been my resistance. Thanks for your words and sharing your story. It is indeed a wake up call for me.

  10. Ellen Williams

    Nice Sunday reading.
    Thank you.

  11. Will Zecco

    Thank you KC for openly sharing a very human moment. No matter how evolved we become we do have moments when ego slips in and we become HUMAN…….What a gracious awakening and show of appreciation.

  12. Sierra

    KC, So honestly, humbly and beautifully written. The fact that you could allow spirit to shine through while being in a “snit” and see that there are lessons in so much of everything we do (even cleaning when in a snit) – is a beautiful thing. By sharing your observation(s) during this process adds to the beauty of realizing we’re human and we have human moments ALL the time. What we do with those moments, how we act or react to them and within them are opportunities for choices that can then produce these realization nuggets like the meaningful one that you shared in this post. Our thoughts are strong and powerful and what we manifest and attract with them in the first place (and in this case) is very interesting to me. The fact that they didn’t show up to clean and you had to clean turned into something that you were able to experience, draw wisdom from and pass on to others. That is more powerful than any cleaning product or negative Yelp review typed in caps!!! ~Gratitude for situations that allow for observation, choices, some cleanup & renewal…

  13. Marshell Germany

    Such an amazing revelation. I so appreciate those times when spirit speaks in the midst of tantrums bringing us back to a place of awareness and calming gratitude.

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