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Nailed . . . by my Attachments

Posted by on August 3, 2014


Does it matter one little iota what shape my fingernails are?  WHY, then, did I have such a strong visceral-not-even-remotely-logical reaction to a nail technician telling me that I should have square nails rather than the oval-roundish-shaped nails I have worn for years?

Wow, there was definitely something to ‘coach around’ based on the level of attachment I had to the thought I needed to have my nails shaped a certain way. Luckily a whole series of ‘Soul Coaching’ questions popped into my mind in spite of my snit:

  • What ‘thought’ am I attached to that is causing me (this much) pain?
  • What deep seated core-value or belief is being tested?
  • ‘This’ that is happening is not real: What is ‘this’ really?

After some dramatic deep breathing and allot of fidgeting around the nail technician finally realized something wasn’t quite right.  His check-in question was:  “You like?”

With a pasted-on smile, I tried to explain to him, again, that “No,” I didn’t like his prescribed square nail shape . . . however his English (and his hearing)  got a little worst at that point. Interesting enough, at that exact moment he recused himself to go serve another customer who had just walked into the salon, leaving me to marinate in my mental-tirade.

As a life-long metaphysical and committed ‘soulolist’ it is imperative I seek to understand whether it is possible that my fingernails are yet another window to my soul.  This is what I discovered in my search:nail messagesSquare Nails

Square nails are very popular these days and actually draws attention to the person. Some nail professionals say the type of people who prefers this shape are more bold and daring, and usually doesn’t mind trying loud colors or nail art. Wow, so why am I being so resistant to this shape?

Metaphorically, could resistant to square nails suggest a distain for being put in a box or having your choices taken away?  (Well, my soul-self is shouting “YES, that’s it!”)

Round Nails

Research results reveal round or oval-ish shaped nails are considered somewhat outdated (ouch!), depicting women of with traditional and conservative personalities or preferences. On an optimistic note, round-shaped nails often indicate the owner is caring and fair-minded.

Would resistance to the round shaped nails suggest a fear of being rolled over? Or would the soul-coaching question be:  What have you not gotten a-round to asking or facing?

Squoval (square-oval) Nails

The squoval shaped nail is the most contemporary nail shape, combining the elegance of the oval-round nail, with the strength of the square shaped nail according to NAILS MAGIZINE.  Those who gravitate to this nail shape have a sense of adventure, without going too far out on the skinny branches of fashion.  The coaching question for those sporting squoval nails could be something like: Do you ever have a difficult time making up your mind?  Or, do you tend to be the great compromiser in your life?  Perhaps the most provocative thought is that the squaoval nail owner is a great balancer, choosing the best of both worlds, both in a nail shape, and in the shape of their heart connections.

Stiletto Pointy Nails

Ultra long, incredibly pointy nails are a one of the latest trends in nails today for those who are not shy, including Rihanna, Nicole Richie and even oldster Madonna, age 55.  No doubt about it, women who choose the stiletto nails, have an air about themselves, sometimes feeling a little ‘above it all’.  The real point might be that they are trying to pin-point just what it is their soul is carving, in this life time.  Ohhhhh, what a great new spiritual term: Spiritual Stiletto.  What would the definition be for Spiritual Stiletto, knowing the word stiletto stands for a dagger or special cutting tool?

Edgey Nails

For the newest, playful, artists and fully expressed nail the ‘edgey nail’ finds its way into the marketplace.  It is a nail shape that screams:  Don’t you dare ignore me . . .and don’t tell me how I will express myself.  Nuf said . . .express 5

So what did I learn?

We must keep reinventing ourselves.  Just because we made a decision in another point in time does not mean that decision will always be valid.


More than ever I am committed to being a ‘soulolist’, which is defined as a person deeply involved in the study of the lessons of the soul and what their personal soul seeks for its fulfillment and illumination in this lifetime.

The late Debbie Ford posed some extraordinary soul-search questions is her bestselling book The Right Questions: Ten Essential Questions To Guide You To An Extraordinary Life.   One of the questions applied to my nail attachments quest:

Am I choosing from my Divinity or am I choosing from my humanity?

The answer was recently captured for me by Melissa Corter, Soul Artist.  When I look at the photo there is no doubt the most important question is not what shape my fingernails are, rather what is the shape of my soul? By focusing on my soul, when the tips of my fingertips come together to form of a mudra, the only attachment is a prayer.

Blessings ~ May we seek to shed attachments to out-of-date thoughts and continue to reinvent ourselves right down to the tip of our fingers.



KC Miller is the author of Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path. She is working with two other Soulolists’, Cheryl Speen and Nancy Newman, to release a new book entitled The Tao of Toe Reading: A Way to Understand the Soul. 

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11 Responses to Nailed . . . by my Attachments

  1. Nancy Newman

    I love this point of view! I was just having this discussion with both my nail stylist and my BFF. My nail lady has just started wearing the stiletto, and I absolutely HATED them. That sharp tip would drive me nuts. She is always trying to make mine square, and I resist that, because the sharp points on each side drive me nuts. My preference is the squoval which turn out more square than oval. So, thank you KC. I think perhaps I need to to ask myself some of the soul searching questions you are suggesting!! BTW – I love the term, “souloist” – genius!!

  2. Carrie

    This is an interesting way of looking at things. Before becoming a reflexologist and since then keeping my nails very short, I had my nails done all the time. I usually went with a square shape and I always felt very confident, now not as much. Your pondering KC has evoked some things that I must consider as well. A couple of weeks ago my mom went in for her bi weekly manicure, and for more years than I can think of she has worn the exact same shade of nail color, Hawaiian Orchid by OPI….well you would think the world is about to end because OPI changed the color a little bit, made it darker but kept the name! The other day she was going on again about not liking the new color and why did they change it….I just looked at her and said ” mom, they aren’t going to change it back just for you, pick a new color and get over it” …then she really gave me the LOOK! Why does she only wear that color because my dad didn’t like dark or bright colors on her, he thought only certain types of women wore those colors and didn’t want my mom to be thought of that way. He was very old fashioned about those things!

  3. Melissa

    WOW! Amazing…..your words seem to always find their way into the depths of my soul. You are so authentic, bold, daring, and genuine. Thank you for showing up, reminding us of our filters, and how our beauty runs beneath the surface of where our eyes reach. Much love to you. I love reading your blog, so much to ponder….and remember. My soul yearns to connect to those who dwell in the realm of healing, truth, and wisdom. Thank you for helping me to remember who I am, I know you See me, and I am blessed to witness you <3

  4. Sheri Lee Anderson

    As a Hair Stylist and Manicurist…of course I….would love this article!!

    KC, you always amaze me…!

    Once I became a Master Toe Reader and love to be in wonderment daily in all areas of life, now…and using Metaphors…it has not crossed my path until your article…that even the Nails have stories to tell.

    I know when they are rigid and bent, the pathology means things…but I never considered the SHAPES to have meaning other than the FAD of the decades.

    I love your terminology of Soulolist….so then, what would a Souloist be??
    I love love love how you come up with these things!

  5. Diana

    Kabbalah is very interesting to me, very ancient and they do face and fingernail readings. I will reserve my views, on blue polish, square nails, French manicures and tattoo’s it would only make me sound like an old fart and I soooo don’t want to be that! :-) It is just that for me…none of the above would work and I am ok with that. My house decorating however is very High Gypsy and I love being here maybe I won’t make Architectural Digest but I don’t care I love my colorful wind chime decorated colorful hippie home.

  6. Sierra Byers

    Souloist. Love it. That is what spoke to me the most on this blog. Interesting to me that basic daily, weekly or regular “lifethings” present themselves to us in such simple ways that allow us to ponder and work through deeper stuff. This was a most honest and simple reminder of that. -Gratitude. Sierra.

  7. christa

    Spiritual stilleto. Love those two words together. :-) as I read this and looked at my own nails, I thought about the changes I have gone through. Naturally our nails grow rounded. They don’t grow pointed or squared. When I wore acrylics for years, I always kept them squared. I felt so much more confident when I had my nails done. My soul question would then be, I guess, what was I hiding behind then. If squared nails show strength and confidence, then do fake squared nails show false confidence? Hmmmmmm. Gives me something to think about. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Tim McNally

    I always love the way you open me to ideas KC. I realized while reading this, how important it is to be open to those moments that show us another facet of ourselves. They are happening all the time all we need to do is be aware and ask the questions. Thank you for this moment.

  9. Jackie

    I’m a Squoval. I’ve been a squoval since before squoval was cool. Strong, and soft; confident and feminine. These are ideas I attached to the shape. Aside from looks, it’s the most functional shape for me. My nails are quite strong and they don’t break easily, but if they do it’s because they’ve bent… back behind the cuticle line where they are weaker…. ouch! I’ve found this shape to be the most resistant to bending.
    On the other hand (no pun intended) I’m not -or should say “no longer”- attached to my nails. If I break one, I cut them all off and go ‘nekkid’ for a while.
    I don’t know if there’s a soul question in there for me; but I’m with you KC, as long as I can make a prayer with my hands and fingers, then I’m content.
    I love your quizzical nature and your ability find the questions that others don’t see. You’re a Quizzard! ;-)

  10. Jackie

    After sleeping on it, I found my soul message in this….. I am sure of what I like and why, I know what I prefer and why. I enjoy having that which I desire. When bumps, bends or breaks come along that create change and need for letting go, I easily and readily embrace a clean new beginning knowing that growth is imminent and that which I desire will come to me. I’m happy with this knowing. :)

  11. Paula Obeid

    I love this article as I do all your soul stirrings! Love the picture that Melissa captured! Just wondering what does it say about a person who rarely gets manicures but always has pedicures!! hmmmm off to ponder — and consider getting a manicure!
    blessings paula!

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