Q: “What do you do?” A: “I’m on Assignment!”


A few months ago someone asked me that age-old question, “What do you do?”  Rather than immediately jumping into a long litany of things I do for a living, I just stood quietly . . . almost mysteriously.  After a thoughtful moment, the words that came out on my mouth surprised even me:  “I’m on assignment!”  The person asking the question paused very respectfully and then responded, “Oh, I understand!”  The thing was . . . I didn’t fully understand my answer at the time.

In thinking back as to why those words would have come out of my mouth, I remembered the prayerful affirmation from A Course in Miracles I had been saying daily: “Oh Good God, please reveal your plan for me:

“What would You have me do? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say, and to whom?”

A huge smile of awareness came over me when I realized by stopping to ponder and wonder about the answer to those simple questions I was asking for an ‘assignment’.On a very deep level I was praying to be used by Spirit to serve others. What I wasn’t necessarily prepared for was that the details would be given to me ‘on a need-to-know basis’, meaning ‘my assignments’ would often be done from a place of ‘fog’.

My latest ‘assignment’ is that I am to blog regularly; while I am still a bit foggy about exactly what that means, my commitment is to sharing my spiritual ponderings.


For inspiration I often look toMolly Hahn’s Buddha Doodles. (To have daily Buddha Doodles sent to your inbox just go to www.buddhadoodles.com and give her your email.)  Below is one of Molly’s Doodles, with my God-shouts!

bd good god

How would your life shift if you began each day as if you were a Special Agent for Spirit, waiting for your assignment?  Doesn’t it make you think of the original TV series of Charlie’s Angels when the phone would ring and a heavenly voice would say: “Hello Angels, your assignment, should you choose to accept it is . . . . ?”  Maybe it’s just me, but I just loved the glamour of the girls and the excitement of their assignments.  I always imagined wearing high heels, being all glammed up, doing what they did. Ok, maybe I can get a little Hollywoodish . . . I have to confess sometimes when I hear the yang voice of my intuition kick in it sounds a little like John Forsythe’s voice, with the mystery of it all.

Seriously, my commitment to ‘be on call’ has been most significant spiritual up-leveling of my life. IF I am to begin blogging, as an assignment blessed from above, who am I to question my qualifications or ability? There is one thing I am absolutely sure of: If you get the inspiration, you get the assignment. The only real decision is whether you will accept the assignment.

Dear one, IF you are reading this blog, YOU are getting the call. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to ask the same questions I ask daily:

What would You have me do?

Where would You have me go?

What would You have me say, and to whom?

See you in the field . . . on assignment!


 KC Miller is the Founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a state-licensed, nationally accredited college for holistic wellness and spiritual studies ~ www.swiha.edu. Of all the titles KC could claim, including Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Holistic Nutrition Coach or Ordained Minister, the one she most prefers is “Instrument of Spirit”. FOLLOW her personal Facebook page, KC Miller, or LIKE her fan page: KC Miller – Instrument of Spirit.

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Try Massage – You Might Like It

Massage 3


Try it ~ You Might Like It

If you would have asked me 26 years ago if I ever dreamed of becoming a massage therapist, I would have looked at you as if you were crazy.  Now I can’t imagine how empty my life would have been had I not answered the challenge, “Try it. You might like it.”

The short version of a very long story is that I was teaching a business development class at a local massage college because I thought my destiny was to be a motivational speaker.  I thought I was supposed to be teaching people how to be entrepreneurs.  One day after a class I was teaching a student stopped me with a compelling plea: “Oh please, could you be a body for me?  We aren’t even today in massage class!”

In massage classes you always hope there will be an even number of students so you can practice what was demonstrated that day in class on one another.  That fateful day I agreed to be a good sport and lay on the table as ‘a body’ changed my life forever.  After receiving a well-executed back massage the student working on me said, “Now it’s your turn to work on me!”  I looked at her as if she were crazy and began to explain I was not a massage therapist . . . that I never even thought of being one . . . and that I couldn’t ever imagine putting my hands on someone.

The gentle messenger of destiny said to me: “Try it. You might like it.”

And so I did.  I stood at the head of the massage table, took a deep breath, probably sent up a little prayer and I placed my hands on the woman’s back.  From here my memory gets a little foggy, yet very, very clear.  I left my body!  What I remember was seeing myself above the room looking down at myself flowing skillfully over the tissue of a lady I just recently met, yet felt like I intimately knew every muscle in her back.  What was even more amazing is that I saw my future.  On some level I knew I would become a massage therapist, I would teach massage and I would go on to affect the lives of many people.

Who knows how long I was out of my body. When I returned to reality I remember thinking, “Wow, I like this!”

I am so glad even back then I believed there are no accidents. My destiny was revealed because of a chance invitation.  While I can’t guarantee that when you place your hands on someone’s back for the first time YOUR entire life will flash before your eyes  . . . what I can suggest is that being a guest in a summer Swedish massage class could help you determine whether becoming a massage therapist is something you might like to do as a career or even as a way of making extra income to supplement your current employment.

If you are available Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm for five weeks starting June 16, 2014 consider being our guest in a Swedish massage class at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.  Register as our guest by calling 480-994-9244.  To find out a little more about us go to www.swiha.edu.  We are a state-licensed, nationally accredited college for those entering the holistic wellness field.  Our mission is to help you discover your gifts and support you into taking them out into the world in a loving and profitable way.



Blessings ~ KC Miller

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