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The Samson Effect: Can your Hair bring YOU Closer to God?

Posted by on June 24, 2014

There probably isn’t a person on the planet that hasn’t had a ‘bad hair’ day.  Whether you have gone to a hair cutter for ‘just a trim’ and left feeling like a skinned cat, or you have a cowlick section of hair that stands at odds with your will regularly, there are probably a few days in your life that can easily be labeled as ‘bad hair’ days.

My story is I was born with mouse-brown, fairy-fine, spaghetti-straight hair.  Now, as a post-menopausal, thyroidal woman, I can truly say I am having a few more ‘bad hair’ days than ever before. ‘Bad’ are the days I find my hair has just leapt off my head, on its own accord, and plugs up the sink.

Taking a deep breath I remind myself:

1.  A bad hair day is not a bad life.

2.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, and hair is considered small stuff.

bad hair

My hair drama came to a head recently in a conversation with one of my grandgirls:

Annie: “Granny, why do you have old lady hair?”

Me, aka Granny K:  “What’s old lady hair?”

Annie:  “The kind you can see through!”

As a lifelong metaphysician, I found myself searching for deeper meaning to my noticeably thinning (see through) hair and the Rogaine ads that have started to follow me every time I log on to Facebook.

Sending up a snivel-prayer, I said: “Oh Good God, help me comb through the messages you would have me see. Please send me Guides.”

Within minutes of my mediation, three leading ladies popped into my awareness: Dolly Pardon, Roseanne Roseannadanna, and Sunny Dawn Johnston. The minute the divas flashed into my mind, I knew why they were my in-the-moment teachers.


Dolly Parton has always been one of my favorite country singers. I have admired her spunk, her talent and for the way she allows whatever flashed through her mind at the moment to come out with a giggle. One of her infamous quotes is: “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” She said it, I believed it, and have laughed often about how high I love to spray-tease my hair.


Roseanne Roseannadanna is someone who has always made me ‘snaugh’: Laugh so hard I snort, then laugh because I snorted, then snort because I laughed. When I think of this character who is now serving from heaven, I see her outrageous hair, I hear her whiny voice, and remember her perspective: “It’s always something!” In the scheme of things, I’ll take my hair ‘blesson’ vs. Roseanne Roseannadanna thick-nest.

The BIG ah-ha to my ‘what’s-the-big-hairy-deal’ question came from watching Sunny Dawn Johnston during her post video about WHY she choose to do a Lifetime made-for-TV special called:  A SEANCE WITH . . .

sunny big

To make a great story short: Sunny explains she had been invited to Hollywood to do a pilot reality-TV show and accepted the invitation with the prayer that Spirit would use her in a BIG way. The details are really fun to listen to . . . One of the funniest parts was when Sunny tells about how the professional make-up artist began to redo her hair. From a deep place of honesty Sunny affirms: “I like by hair BIG. The more and more the make-up artist combed out my hair, the more and more I realized I needed to surrender. So I stopped looking in the mirror, and went on national TV trusting my hair to Spirit.”

Wow, that’s trust in my book! As a Leo-born woman, my hair has always been a ‘thing’ for me. When I listened to Sunny Dawn Johnston share her experience all the tiny hairs on my head stood up. The message I heard was: Whatever you want of your hair, you want that in your relationship with Spirit. Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it . . . Give me a chance to explain:

Sunny wants BIG hair. Sunny declared that she wants a BIG relationship with the Divine.

Dolly Pardon wants HIGHER hair. I think it is probably safe to say Dolly wants (and has) a relationship with a HIGHER source. Listen to the words of the music she writes. (Did you know she has written a HIGHER number of country songs than another other country artist in history?)

When I quizzed my sister, Barb, about what she wants from her hair, she said: “It want to get back to my hair being natural.” Using a Life Coaching approach, I asked: “Would it be a stretch to say you are craving a more ‘natural’ relationship with Spirit?” Wide eyed, Barb confirmed: ‘Exactly! I hadn’t put it in those words . . . Now that you put it that way, yes, that’s exactly what I desire.”

I asked myself: What do I want my hair to be? My answer was: “I want my hair to be there. I want my hair to be full.” In staying with my weird-metaphorical logic: I want my relationship with Spirit to be there . . .and, I want it to be full.

Are you willing to consider the question: How do you want your hair? And, whatever the answer is, take that adjective and ask: Do you desire to have —insert adjective—– with Spirit?

In doing my research on what I am calling The Samson Effect, I have gotten some very interesting answers to the question: “How do you want your hair to be?”


In control!


From those answer, I asked: “Does this coaching question work?” Do I want my relationship with Spirit to be beautiful, in-control and well-behaved?

Ok, so maybe not all adjectives fit! The important question is: How do I want my relationship to be with Spirit?


Recently Melissa Corter, a Soul Artist Photographer, captured me and my hair as I was in a moment-of-connection with my sister. At first I was critical of my hair sticking up, in an out-of-control, ill-behaving way. Then I asked: “Do I want an in-control, well-behaved relationship with Spirit? NO! I want to be connected at all times, even if it is by a hair-antenna.”

You probably won’t see The Samson Effect: How Your Hair Can Bring You Closer to God on the New York Time best-sellers list anytime soon. However, we can learn from Samson, the Biblical figure, who lost his physical powers and prowess when he had a ‘bad hair’ day. His life was restored when he humbled himself enough to say: “Oh Good God, forgive my humanness! Allow my vanity to be transformed into my strength.”

 My prayer is this: May my faith grows as I remember the very hairs on my head are counted and known by the Divine.

hair counted

PLEASE consider leaving a COMMENT on my BLOG ~ It will tickle every little hair on me!  Blessings : )) KC

KC Miller is the committed metaphysician and author of Toe Reading, Are You Walking Your Destined Path. She is currently working with Cheryl Speen and Nancy Newman on a new book, The Tao of Toe Reading: A ‘way’ to Understand the Soul.  FOLLOW KC’s personal Facebook page or LIKE her fan page:  KC Miller ~ Instrument of Spirit

13 Responses to The Samson Effect: Can your Hair bring YOU Closer to God?

  1. Dolores Bingham

    Having never really had a lot of hair this really struck a cord with me. I thank God I have had a strong relationship with God. I found this to be uplifting and just wanted to thank you for sharing. So my hair and I thank you and send many blessings your way. Love and Light to you always KC

  2. Barb

    Thank you sister for your wise words!! I think hair is just another distraction for us humans!! Your hair to me always looks perfect!! Isn’t it interesting how we all see things differently!

  3. Sue

    KC! I love this! It sure makes me look at my hair in a whole different light! Talking with Hair…a new soul coaching modality…. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Connie

    KC I met you in Glendale at Celebrate your Life. I attended your workshop and you so kindly gave us all hours of a free course. So grateful to you. I remember when i first saw you floating through the crowd. Your beautiful and perfect hair, your makeup so beautiful and your clothes so stunning. And the thing I noticed the most was the wonderful, beaming smile. I so wished I was as put together as you instead of the quick look i had but what I really wished I had was the smile. You were amazing. I loved your talk. But I also remember your hair because i am always unhappy with my hair….i go to get it done thinking I will come out looking like a movie star and quite often only look like a regular run of the mill kinda girl. I have ideas in my head when i go but they never turn out that way. I love your hair… it is not old lady hair……it shines like your soul and smile.

  5. Cheryl

    Now that is some INSIGHTFUL perspective. My husband will tell you that no matter where I go – I will say that NOBODY does my hair the way I like it. In other words, I need to have MY OWN way of being with GOD and nobody else’s. I LIKE THAT!! And now that I know what that means for me – I can let go and LET MY GOD reveal himself. Blessings KC on your incredible introspection and always being willing to put your stuff under the microscope for all of us to see how we can accept and appreciate our own special idiosyncracies (GIFTS).

  6. Stevie Abrusci

    I love it. I can’t wait for hair reading. I recently cut my hair very short. I was tired of forcing it into place every morning. I needed something easy and light. I moved from Arizona a year ago and have had a very hard time finding my spiritual community and connecting to Spirit.We have tried multiple churches and centers and all of them I feel I have been forcing to make fit, forcing into place. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  7. Ann McCommas

    Thank you for your insightful message, KC. Your hair look terrific…as does your relationship with Spirit.
    I would like my hair to be beautiful and edgy….Just like my spiritual connection.

  8. Joan

    Just love this ~ very insightful!!

  9. Candie

    This sounds a lot like something my granny (RIP) used to tell me. I asked her about her hair and why she kept it in a net on top of her head? and then I asked how did she get all that hair in her net. she had the longest hair I had ever seen on any one before. But, this is what she told me “My sweet Candie, I grow my hair so long and keep it because your hair is your power to God. When you cut your hair you are cutting your power to god and I might not be able to hear what he has to say” I grew my hair long for years until recently when I cut it all off just to please others my age and older, I have been feeling like I have lost something and now I know why. She told me there is a place in the Bible that told her that a woman’s hair is her power. Thank you Blessed KC for sharing and reminding me about my hair and the power it has. Blessings.

  10. Diana

    :-) My hair (which is NEON White) makes people think I am old…inside there is a little kid saying…NO I am not old…..I’m Not! But I do the same thing when I see other grey haired people…”oh there is someone close to my age.” When I was young my hair was so dark people thought I colored it….so I seem to have this “LID” thing going on with my hair just sitting up there on top of my head being what color it wants to be. I do like it short because unlike Sampson when my hair gets long I don’t feel as peppy. I cut my own hair because I can do it like I like it and my hair grows very fast….
    so I guess my hair and I have quite a relationship going on. :-)

  11. Robert Parker

    When my hair fell out in prison when I finally saw a mirror at first I was surprised I had no eye brows, then I noticed I had no eye lashes, as I finally saw my eyes the first thing that came to me was that “I couldn’t hide anymore” after your sharing KC I now be leave that went for myself and spirit couldn’t hide from one another? Perception is an amazing gift when others may see baldness as a bad thing and it is such a gift to me :) namaste

  12. Sandy Flores

    Oh how my post menopausal, thyroidal, Roseanne Roseannadana hair needed this post! No matter what I do my hair looks big and electrocuted or fried. Now I can say, “May my connection to God always be big and may I always stay plugged in to the Source, so that all may see and want to share in the current.” Thanks for helping me to see my hair in a new light!

  13. ski keystone colorado

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Thanks for providing these details.

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